Training packages are customized
to your horse and goals, and include
full care boarding, laundry, blanketing 
at trainer’s discretion, feeding owner-
supplied supplements, and holding 
for farm vet/farrier.  $1200 per month 
plus $45 per lesson or ride (minimum 
8 per month).

Private turnout: $150/month

Private lesson on your horse: $75
Private lesson on schoolmaster: $100
Private lesson at your farm in Goshen: $85 (Please contact for availability.)

Private lessons average 45 minutes, but may be shorter or longer according to the needs of the horse and rider.  We have a firm 24 hour cancellation policy or payment is required.

Coaching at shows on the barn schedule: $100/day.  Travel expenses are split among all clients at the show.  If you would like help at shows not listed on the barn schedule, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Braiding: $45

Sales: Training plus 10% commission.  
Purchases: Flat rate commission based on purchase budget.  Buyer covers all travel costs.